Guide on What to Do When Your Child Gets Hurt in a School Bus
A parent’s wish is that the children will come back to them safely after a busy day in school. However, an accident may happen and as a parent, you should know what to do after the incident. The purpose of this homepage is to educate you more about what you should do following this incident as you and your child have the rights to pursue justice and have your peace of mind.
The first and most urgent step ta take once you realize that your child has been involved in a school bus accident is to take him or her to the hospital. You should do this even if you cannot see any physical injuries as it is possible for that your child could be suffering from injuries not visible to the eyes. When you are with the doctor give him all the accounts of the accident and if possible allow your child to narrate the incident if he or she is in a position to and then follow the doctor’s advice on the medical procedures that your child require.
Next start the process of recording the details of the accident by asking your child about what actually happened and considering contacting other people with the relevant information who may include parents other pupils and people who may have been resent at the accident location during the time. If the school representative reaches out to you telling you what the management is about to do it is advisable that you also record their side of their story and wait to see whether they heed the promise.
Also watch out that you do not entertain any discussions about the school bus accident with other people apart from your attorney and your doctor. Avoiding contacts with the people who work in the school and school representatives may be necessary since you be tempted to discuss the school bus accident with them and they may turn the words you speak against you. Also a lawsuit against a
school is due to the negligence of duty is a stressing matter but since you are doing it to protect your child from current and future damages it is worth the cost.
On top of that it will advise that you keep your child’s medical records since the school bus accident since some symptoms may follow long after your child got treated from the incident. Apart from physical injuries and pains look out for other psychological one such as depression insomnia and anxiety as a result of the incident. It is paramount that you keep discussing these with your doctor and make sure you record all of them since you may require the information as evidence in future.
With this advise you can now consider hiring a lawyer if you are in a situation.